Quadriplegic Bride Beats the Odds – Again and AGAIN!


After a freak accident where she took an incredibly disastrous fall - it looked like Liz Mitchell would never walk again. 

A few years ago, Liz was playing with her dog on her balcony. When she happened to lean back a little bit too far, she fell and landed directly on her head. When she woke from her medically induced coma, she was unable to move from her chest down. 

Her boyfriend at the time had to break the news to her, but he comforted her and bravely announced that one day they would get married - and one day, they certainly would! 

We watch the moving moment where Liz is able to move her legs again for the first time since the accident. We then watch her slow recovery to the moment when she is actually able to walk down the isle! 

Now she's walking - but that's only the FIRST miracle to happen to Liz. Doctor's didn't think that Liz would ever be able to have children, but I am thrilled to say that she is pregnant!

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