See How He Managed To Get Celebrities To Speak At The Wedding! It’s BRILLIANT!


When C. Bailey was asked to create the slideshow for his dear friends' wedding, he knew he had to come up with something no one else has ever done before! So, he decided to bring in the big dogs and have celebrities speak on his behalf. Well, not exactly, but he sure does make it seem that way with his "All Access: A True Love Story," video.

This wedding slideshow features Zac Efron, Mark Whalberg, and Melissa McCarthy, just to name a few. They perfectly describe the love story of Landon and Meghan Kemp through interview clips that will make you want to believe was specially meant for the bride and groom! 

I wish I could have seen the reaction on their faces when he presented this amazing slideshow at the wedding! This is beyond creative!

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