See Why These Little Girls Are Dropping the F-BOMB to Break The Silence on Domestic Violence!


You won't believe what these potty-mouth princesses are blurting out! They're dropping F-Bombs left and right, but not to challenge the etiquette their mamas taught them. They're trying to get your attention! They want to make you gasp, make you squirm, and leave you in complete shock to stir up some controversy, believe it or not, for a good cause. They're breaking the silence about domestic violence and want you to spread awareness. 

"OMG, did you hear what came out of those little girls' mouths!?" Fearless Feminism. The conversation about an issue that needs addressing. FCKH8 is a campaign that encourages equality and is passionate about social change, with an army tough little girls who aren't afraid to tell you how it is! 

If this video made you just as uncomfortable as it made me, their strategy is working!

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