Serial Killer Shows No Remorse In Court. But When Victims Father FORGIVES Him, Emotions Turn!


It's no surprise that family members of the victims of the 48 women murdered are experiencing an overwhelming feeling of anger, sadness, and hatred towards the man who killed their loved ones. 54-year-old, Gary Leon Ridgeway, pleaded guilty for killing 48 women and is now considered the biggest serial killer in United States history. When he showed up for his court date, he showed no remorse, no even when he repeated "guilty" 48 times in front of the jury and family members in mourning. 

Family members of the victims stood before the podium, mocking him and damning him for what he did. He sat there, emotionless, until a father os one of the women murdered stood up to the podium to offer a few unexpected words. 

How Gary responded proves that the power of forgiveness is far greater than we could ever imagine. You've never seen a stronger man than this victim's father. He's surely a man of God.

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