She Dropped Her Pacifier Onto The Floor. How These Twins Work Together To Retrieve It Is AWESOME!


Never underestimate a little girl on a mission- especially a little girl with a sidekick-sister helping her along the way! They can do just about anything! 

Mom set up a camera in her daughters' room to keep an eye on them throughout the night. What she discovered recorded one morning left her and daddy in complete amazement! Apparently, they've got two little girls who know they can achieve anything through teamwork! 

One twin baby drops her pacifier onto the floor. Fortunately for her, her sister was up in the crib next door watching her unsuccessfully reach for it. So, she did what any twin sister would do, and helped her retrieve her beloved pacifier! 

What these two little girls go through all night to retrieve her beloved pacifier will absolutely amaze you! This only foreshadows a life ahead of complete success. This dynamic duo is clearly capable of anything. 

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