She Gave Her Grandma the Sweetest Surprise Before She Left For Prom!


It was Cassie’s prom night and she decided to give her
grandma the surprise of a lifetime. Grandma Dottie had given her granddaughter,
Cassie, her old prom dress when she was a little girl.

Dottie had just intended for her to use it to play dress up.
But Cassie held on to it and kept it nice in the closet. Years later she
decided to wear it on HER prom night.

Grandma Dottie had NO idea that her granddaughter even still
had the dress, and she especially didn’t know she was planning on wearing it to
prom! So when she walked out in the dress that Dottie had worn 57 years
earlier, you know there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

This is such a sweet surprise and a testament to the amazing
bond between a grandparent and grandchild. This is something that Dottie and
Cassie will NEVER forget and cherish forever!

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