She Got Suspended For Honoring Her Friend With Cancer. You Won’t BELIEVE What This School Has To Say For Itself!


There's no denying that Delany Clements and Cameron Renfrow are the best of friends, but it wasn't until Delany was diagnosed with cancer, that their young friendship was truly proven. 

After relapsing nearly 3 times, Delany lost all of her hair to chemotherapy. But Cameron wasn't going to let her best friend be bald all by herself. So, she did what very few friends would do, and shaved her head. 

Her act of kindness allowed Delany to feel comfort during her time of struggle, but it also got her kicked out of school. See what happened when Cameron's school suspended her for "breaking a school code of conduct" and shaving her heard. I've never heard of so many people outraged to this extreme before! Wow...

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