She Got The Christmas Surprise of a Lifetime When THIS Family Heirloom Was Returned After 50 Years!


A New Jersey woman’s family heirloom was missing for more
than 50 years after a tragic plane accident, until one day she got the
Christmas surprise of a lifetime.

In 1959 her parent’s private plane crashed in the dense
woods of Washington, killing both of them. Before they flew that tragic flight
her father had got her mother a brand new set of rings for their 24th
wedding anniversary. The last time she saw her mother was when they were
‘oo-ing and ahh-ing’ over the beauty of the rings.

Unfortunately, the rings were never recovered from the crash
and this woman thought they were gone forever. Until one day in 1997 when a
local logger named Nick Buchanan recovered one of the rings!

He knew about the accident, but didn’t know the couple had a
daughter. Until after much research he found on her on! He tracked
her down, contacted her, and mailed her the ring.

 “When I saw that ring
and put it on my finger, it was like reaching out and touching my mom again. It
was absolutely wonderful,” she said when she got the ring back.

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