She Has Terminal Cancer. But Her Best Friend Has a Message For Her That’ll Make Her The Happiest Little Girl In The World!


Juniper is 3 years old and is battling a Retinoblastima, a very rare form of cancer. But she's not alone. Her best friend Violet is battling the same form of cancer and together they share a bond so special others can only imagine. 

Last year, Make a Wish Foundation sent Violet to meet Mickey Mouse and Juniper asked if she can meet him too. Now, they're sending this lucky little girl on the journey of a lifetime, but not without surprising her with the perfect "hooray!" 

Watch Violet break the news to her best friend that she's about to go to Disneyland! This Disney veteran tells her exactly what to expect, and boy does it sound epic! This might be the cutest thing I've seen all day! 

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