She May Be 600 Pounds TOO Big, but That Doesn’t Stop Her Family from Loving Her any Less!


When this family decided to bring a new addition into their family, they had NO idea what they were getting into. They purchased Esther, an adorable “mini-pig” (or so they thought), and welcomed her into the family with open arms.

As Esther continued to grow, the family quickly became skeptical about her "mini-pig" label. Once Esther hit 600 pounds, it was official, this was no mini pig. BUT, that didn't mean the family would love her any less! 

Instead of giving her up, the family became committed to providing Esther with a suitable home. Using the viral effects of social media, the family was able to raise over $400k towards purchasing a farm.

Sometimes when life doesn't go the way you expect, it leads to something beautiful you never saw coming! SHARE Esther's story!

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