She May Be Tiny, But This Kitten Isn’t Scared of Anything!


Big things really do come in small packages! This video proves that one should never underestimate a small feisty kitten- she just might be able to stand her ground amongst a creature quadruple her size! 

Watch as the newest member of the family, this adorable tiny kitten, manages to get this giant rottweiler so worked up! The two animals do not like each other and neither of them are afraid to show each other how they really feel. 

The pet rottweiler is jumping around, barking away and even licking his lips at the tiny little kitten, but she's definitely not losing her ground, even fearlessly charging towards the giant dog! It's the most entertaining thing I've seen all day!

Unfortunately, we may never know what happens at the end of the day since the video cuts off right as the two's tails begin perking up. What I hoped happen is that the two animals of contradicting sizes agreed to disagree about life but learned to love one another for their differences. 

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