She May Seem Shy…But Just WAIT Till She Opens Her Mouth to Sing!


Fourteen year old Shiane Hawke is about to embark on the most nerve-racking experience of her life! 

We watch as the timid girl walks onto the X Factor stage and introduces herself to the judges. When she reveals her age to the judges, they are immediately shocked.

The judges continue to question Shiane about her experience singing and it is very clear on their faces (as well as the audience's) that their confidence in Shiane's ability to perform is lacking.

When Shiane announces that she will be singing Duffy's "Mercy," the look of skepticism runs rampant from the judges even further. 

But then - she begins singing and everything changes!

I love the look of shock and admiration that begins to glow on everyone's face! What a talented young girl! 

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