She’s Just Walking down the Street When People Start Saying THIS


Dressed in jeans and a crew neck t-shirt, actress Shoshana
Robert headed to the streets with film maker Rob Bliss for this social
experiment on street harassment. 

Rob had a GoPro camera attached to his back and walked in
front of Shoshana the whole time in order to capture this footage. The team
spent 10 hours walking around New York City and experienced over 100 catcalls
along the way. Some seemed innocent enough, calling her “beautiful” or “sexy.”
There was more than once instance where someone wouldn’t leave her alone and
would continue to follow her for a period of time. Luckily Shoshana wasn’t
alone and had Rob with her the whole time, but it still made me extremely
nervous! It’s crazy to see what some women have to put up with every single

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