She Thought They Were Just Watching a Flash Mob…She Had No Idea He Was Part of It!


For Chris and Ashlee it was love at first sight. Chris knew
when it was time to propose to her it would have to be as special as she was.
Chris managed to get tons of Ashlee’s family and friends involved and
coordinated a flash mob!

It took a team of people to get Ashlee there on time but
they managed to do it! When she saw two girls start dancing she didn’t know
what was happening but she soon realized that some of her friends and family
were part of a flash mob! She and Chris were enjoying the show when to her surprise;
he joined in on the dancing! The look on her face was pure joy when she started
to realize what was happening. She could hardly contain her excitement as Chris
got down on one knee and asked if she would marry him. Of course she said yes!

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