She Was Born Different. But When Parents Adopt A New Sister, Their World Is Turned Upside Down!


Julianna isn't your average little girl. She was born with a genetic defect called treacher collin syndrome, a lack of bone structure in the face. Doctor's confirmed she was the most extreme case in the world and after 38 operations, Julianna's face was left deformed. 

Despite her unique appearance, she flourished in school and thrived in her abilities as a child. But parents new the only way this flourishing little girl would feel comfortable in society is if she had a similar companion to grow up and old with. So, they traveled to Ukraine to find Juliana a brand new sister!

Watch the moment this family is introduced to their newest member of the family and see just how amazing this sister bond becomes. This video proves there is no better friend than a sister. I'm nearly in tears...

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