She was Forced to Separate from Her Family. 40 Years Later, They are Reunited in an Amazing Moment!


In 1975, Cambodia's government was under the rule of Communist party Khmer Rouge, which inflicted numerous atrocities on its people. The Khmer Rouge did not believe in the institution of family, so they separated families and scattered its members all over the place. Hong's family went through this tragedy, and 40 years have gone by without her knowing where the rest of her family is and whether they are still alive. 

TV show "It's Not a Dream" is dedicated to finding war-torn families and reuniting them. Hong is invited on the show to tell her story, but has no idea what to expect. When she sees her sister Bo, whom she has not seen in 40 years, she completely breaks down! Grab your tissues! This is one story that will simultaneously break and warm your hearts!

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