She Went for a Sonogram at 20 Weeks but the Result Was NOT What They Expected


When Jared and Steph Rose found out they were pregnant they
were shocked…more shocked then most parents. Although they had twin girls
through a procedure they were under the impression they would never be able to
conceive on their own. They welcomed this unexpected job and began to prepare
for baby number three.

At 20 weeks Steph had an ultrasound and things did not look
good. The doctor told her that there was something wrong with the baby’s
anatomy that he couldn’t explain, fix or cure. Their baby was not expected to
live after birth and Jared and Steph were devastated.

Miraculously, at one of their appointments, the doctor was
unable to find ANYTHING wrong with their baby girl. The doctor could not
explain how this was possible but Jared and Steph were SO thankful! Their baby
Harper is now healthy and well and her family could not be happier that she is
with them!

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