Student Overcomes Public Speaking Difficulties, Brings His Entire Class and Faculty to Tears


One universal fear that many people from all walks of life share is public speaking. From the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to a student from a Yorkshire high school, speaking in front of a crowd can be the most frightening, nerve-wrecking experience. For Musharaf Asghar (or Mushy as he is fondly referred to by his peers), a student at a Yorkshire high school, his fear of public speaking stems from a variety of factors. He has a stutter, and as a result he was always hesitant to participate in class or interact with students. The bullying from his classmates didn't help and Mushy found himself unable to express himself the way most other students could.

One day, one of Mushy's teachers was helping him practice public speaking by giving him some poetry to recite. Mushy was having a difficult time getting the words out, so the teacher borrowed an idea from the movie The King's Speech, the story of how King George VI overcame his own speech difficulties with the help of music. Mushy donned a pair of earphones and, after a few nervous lines, managed to finally recite the whole poem!

Mushy finally found his voice, and he was ready to share it with his whole class. When he gets up in front of them, the whole room is brought to tears! Watch the video below and SHARE with your friends!

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