That’s Not a Smartphone. That’s His ARM! The Latest Technology Has Once Again Blew Me Away!


Smart watches, tablets are now the gadgets of the past! Cicret wristbands will be on everybody's Christmas list by next year because they're nothing like you've ever imagined before! Wear this stylish wristband and when you want to check the weather, check your email, or see who's giving you a ring, you can see it on the screen that appears on your arm! 

It's like straight out of a sci-fi movie! Created by French startup Cicret, the SKIN bracelet projects electronic images onto a persons arm, making the skin’s surface into a touchscreen!

What makes it work? It has a projector and eight sensors, designed to monitor and process finger movements such as swipes and taps- just like your smartphone! 

You won't believe what else thing thing can do! 

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