The 2014 Year in Review Video is NOT What You Think It Is – Wait for the Surprise Twist


Like every year, 2014 was a year of ups and downs, triumphs
and losses, highs and lows, happiness and sadness, and everything in between.
From the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, to the missing Malaysian
Airlines flight – it’s been quite a year.

No matter what kind of experiences 2014 brought you, it’s
always nice to sit back and reflect on the year. This video starts off by
showing significant world events that happened … but not necessarily in 2014.

When I first started watching this I was seriously
questioning my own sanity. ‘Wait, I thought that happened in 2011?’ Then as the
video progressed I finally got it.

This 2014 Year in Review video is NOT what you think it is,
there’s a surprising twist. When you find out what it is, it’ll bring tears to
your eyes.

Just watch until the 1:10 mark and it’ll all make sense. Please
watch and then SHARE this profound
video with your friends.

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