The Baby Won’t Stop Crying But Then His Big Sister Starts To Sing. WATCH What Happens When He Hears Her Voice…


There's a special bond that siblings have with one another. To anyone who can't relate, it seems as though they simply share the same household, the same parents, and if they're "unlucky", the same room. But any child with a sibling can tell you, they, too, have a companion for life. 

This little girl doesn't realize just how special her role as a big sister really is until mom asks her for assistance in caring for her new baby brother. He won't stop crying so she sings him a song her mother once san to her as a baby, "Baby of Mine." Watch the moment he hears her voice for the first time. He's reaction is beyond heartwarming and nearly left me in tears! 

This magical moment is one to remember! 

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