The Best Way to Fall Asleep Under 15 Minutes, Guaranteed!


Do you ever lay in bed, trying to fall asleep, but can't? It definitely happens to me, especially when I have something important to do the following morning. Funny how that works. Well this video offers some really great ideas to prevent insomnia and get to sleep within 15 minutes.  

The guy in the video, Kamil, reveals the best system to make you fall asleep fast and easily every time with great tips. He has a great method that works most of the time, but you need to watch the video to learn about that. Below are some additional tips not mentioned in the video:

- Go to bed, when you are really sleepy and with no food in the stomach.
- Before and during sleep, breathe only through your nose (if you cannot, learn the "Breathing exercise to unblock the nose").
- Test various scenarios: hungry, not hungry, drink a glass of water, have a banana, drink some juice, exercise a bit, etc. until you find the best way for you.

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