The Color-Changing Dress That Broke the Internet: Explained!


If you were on the internet at all last week - whether it was on Facebook or watching the news - chances are you've heard of the dress that took the web by storm. For those of you who were living under a rock, #TheDress was a viral sensation that occurred sometime last week about a photo of a dress posted by a few girls on the blog site Tumblr. One of the girls asked what color the dress was and was completely baffled when she received varying answers from people. Some said it was black and blue, while others swear they see it as white and gold. For the record, Yours Truly saw it as black and blue (#teamblackandblueFTW).

People from all over the world were enthralled at this dress that seemed to change color before their very eyes. Relationships were tested, arguments were had, and world wars were surely on the verge of being started because of this dress. Well, thankfully there's a perfectly logical explanation for all this, and here to allay our concerns are the folks of Youtube channel asapSCIENCE, who explain this mysterious phenomenon with, well, science!

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