The Doctors Said Their Baby Wouldn’t Survive, But This Mother Proves That Faith Is Stronger Than Anything!


For this newlywed couple, starting a family meant everything to them. So when she discovered she was pregnant, they were ecstatic! But their happiness came to a devastating halt when the doctors told them their baby has fetal hydrops, a condition where the baby has a significant amount of fluid around the abdomen. He was given a small chance of survival, but despite the negative news, this couple wanted to speak "life." They were hopeful for his survival. 

As they prepared for his passing, mom did the only thing she felt necessary and prayed. They returned to the hospital the next week only to leave the doctor's in complete disbelief. Watch how one tragic story turns into a hopeful miracle when the doctor's were proven wrong! It'll truly have you believing that faith and prayer conquer all! 

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