The Look on Jimmy Fallon’s Face When He Realized What Nicole Kidman Was Saying was PRICELESS!


Poor Jimmy Fallon, if only you knew! Love can be a tricky
son of a gun.

Nicole Kidman went on the Jimmy Fallon show recently to talk
about her upcoming film, Paddington, but while she was there she did MUCH more
than talk about the movie. Actually, she barely even talked about the film at

Instead she dished out a juicy story of when her and Fallon
first met. The two had met years prior in New York City. Fallon received a call
from a friend saying that Kidman wanted to meet him. He thought it was to talk
about an upcoming film, ‘Bewitched’ I believe, but she thought it was something
COMPLETELY different.

The look on his face when she tells her side of the story is
so cute! These two were SO entertaining to watch and have such great chemistry
together. I could watch this skit over and over again!

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