The Reason Why This Adorable Toddler is Singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ May Leave You in Tears


Three-year-old Grace Anna Rodger singing the national anthem
might be one of the cutest things you’ll ever see. But there’s more than meets
the eye with this sweet little girl, much more.

When Grace’s mother, Angie Rodgers, was pregnant doctors
told her that her child would be born “different”, according to TODAY Moms. This
“difference” that she was born with is called Conradi Hunermann Syndrome, a
rare genetic disorder.

As a result of this rare genetic disorder, Grace suffers
from skeletal malformations, skin issues, cataracts and stunted growth.
Throughout the course of her short life she has had countless doctor visits and
undergone major surgeries, including a spinal fusion.

But through it all, her parents are determined to give her a
normal, happy life. Despite the doctor visits, medications, and surgeries her
mom and dad are making her life as happy and optimistic as possible.

One of the ways that the Rodgers family stays upbeat and
positive is through singing. Angie, Grace’s mother, started singing to her
during hospital events, to make her feel calm and comforted.

But the singing didn’t stop at the hospital! It soon became
something the whole family did, Grace included!

So when Angie was singing the national anthem and Grace
decided to join in, Angie grabbed her phone and started filming. The result is
this touching video you’re about to watch.

Grace is an adorable little girl who looks so happy and
joyful – you would never know what she’s going through!

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