The Way This Paraplegic Groom Surprises His Bride For Their First Dance Will Leave You In Tears!


Wedding Planner, Michelle, has seen it all, from over-the-top, luxurious weddings to quaint, modest weddings. But it was her wedding that left her completely mesmerized with an experience like no other. 

Her husband, Sgt. Joey Johnson, became paralyzed after a severe motorcycle accident. Although confined to a wheelchair, Joey wanted to surprise Michelle on their wedding day by standing for their first dance. A few months before the wedding, he and some friends built a pulley system that was able to lift him to his feet. Michelle had no idea. 

Watch the moment Michelle walks onto the dance floor in her wedding gown, only to meet her standing husband asking for a dance. Not a single eye in the room was dry and it was truly a moment to cherish forever! 

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