The Weirdest Way to Whiten Your Teeth, And It Works! WHAT?!?


Getting whiter teeth is something that most of us probably want, and some of us might even try methods like Crest Whitening Strips or a special teeth whitening toothpaste. I've tried those things, and I've had mixed results. Nothing seems to work that well! 

But now, we have a new trick to try to whiten our teeth, and it is definitely not the method you would expect! In this video, the woman uses charcoal to whiten her teeth, and she swears that it works better than anything! Watch the video to see how she does it. 

This is one of those videos that everyone wants to see, not only because we all want our teeth to be whiter, but because brushing our teeth with charcoal seems so counter-intuitive! Share this with everyone on Facebook! 

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