There’s an Epic Rave Happening in NYC but You’re Not Invited- The KIDS Are! What?!


There's a DJ bumping the hottest hits, drinks being served and even models dancing on stage. This club is off the chain, but unless you're between the ages of 6 and 12, you're not invited! This rave for children in New York City is called "CirKiz," and when you see what these kids are up to all night, you'll know why! 

Kids are pop-lock-and-dropping it every few weeks in their most hippest, glow-in-the-dark gear at the meatpacking district. They're letting loose and having some fun, and although parents are allowed to chaperone, this party is strictly for the little ones! Complete with glow sticks and black lights, this rave is one of a kind, and the kids love it! 

Vegas will definitely need to step up their game in the years to come! CirKiz is teaching these kids what partying is all about!

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