These 85-Year Old Best Friends Will Warm Your Heart!


Many things get better with age – red wine, cheese, certain
friendships. Harvey and Eddie are two adorable mid-80-year old men who are best
friends! These two have been through it all together and are just as feisty as

The interviewer asks them questions about current pop
culture – for example if they have Facebook. And their answer? They want to
know what happened to letter writing! So cute! He also asks them about current
pop culture terms and makes them listen to popular music.

Their reactions to the Adele and ‘Hunger Games’ are too cute
for words! It’s crazy how things can change so much throughout the years. But
the fact that these two are best friends and have such spunky personalities
warms my heart!

Harvey and Eddie are guaranteed to put a smile on your face
– please watch then SHARE this
lovely duo!

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