These Little Girls Do An AMAZING Performance To “Single Ladies” And Start An Uproar With Parents Everywhere!


As parents, we always try to encourage our children to strive for greatness. Whether it's in their academics or extra-curricular activities, we want our children to thrive in all activities they participate in. That's what parents of Dance Precisions believe in, too.

Their daughters are eight and nine years old, and considered to be some of the best dancers in their age division, taking home 1st place trophies in nearly every competition where they perform. But just as Dance Precisions started becoming well-known in the dancing community, they also took center stage in national news, creating uproar with parents nationwide. 

Watch their dance number to Beyonce's "Single Ladies," that not only took home a trophy at the World Of Dance competition but also created a global firestorm. There is plenty of support along with plenty of criticism regarding their performance. As Good Morning America asks, are these little girls "too young to be sexy?" You be the judge.

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