These People Try Living in a ‘Tiny’ House – What They Discover Might SURPRISE You!


There’s a new way of living and it’s all about sizing down
and simplifying. Many people across the country are giving up their traditional
style of living and moving into what their calling tiny houses.

Tiny houses are smaller than your average home, MUCH
smaller. A tiny house is usually anywhere between 100-400 square feet and is
most often mobile (on wheels).

The owner of the tiny house in this video is B.A. Norrgard and
her tiny home, which is on wheels, is a mere 112 square feet. The trailer is 8’
by 16’, the interior living space is 6’ by 13’, and the loft (which is a queen
sized bed) is 8’ by 6’. So, needless to say it’s a pretty tight living space.

This lifestyle is catching on so the people in this video
decided to test it out! Two couples and a single guy spent a day living in her
tiny house. Their experience was very eye opening and made me see why people
would and would not want to live in a tiny home!

What did you think of their experience? Would YOU ever live
in a tiny home? Watch and SHARE!

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