Watch This AMAZING Mother-Son Wedding Dance!


This mother-son dance starts off just like any other – sweet
music playing in the background, mom and son sweetly gallivanting around the
stage as the audience snap pictures and watch in awe of the touching moment.
Until suddenly – the music drops – and the tender dance takes a sharp turn.

At first the two look around in bewilderment when the music
stops, disappointed that their special moment has been ruined. But then,
Jackson 5 blasts through the speakers and the moves come out! The compilation
of songs, coupled with the pair’s epic choreography, knocks it out of the

Guests at this wedding were definitely surprised with one
heck of a performance. I wonder how long it took for them to put this together!
You can certainly tell a lot of time, energy and thought were put into this
performance – and I’d say it absolutely paid off! BRAVO!

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