They Called Her Fat, But Then She Busted Out Moves Thin Girls Couldn’t Even Pull! BOOYA!


She was bullied for being fat, but Whitney is redefining what it means to be big, bodacious, and beautiful! Whitney Thore is a radio personality and producer for Jared and Katie in the Morning on 1075 KZL, but she's most famous for her dancing skills and her No Body Shame Campaign. 

She struggled with negative self-body image her entire life and her self worth teetered as she grew older and larger in size. She was constantly bullied by her peers, but somewhere along the way she came to her senses, realizing she was beautiful and brave no matter what her size may be. 

Through her No Body Shame Campaign, Whitney shares with us what she loves to do most- dance! In this episode she shows us skills most women don't possess, proving she can have fun, build confidence and maintain health through movement! Check it out!

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