They Couldn’t Have Kids, But Then a Miracle Happened. Why The Doctors Were SHOCKED Is NOT Why You Think! Omg…


Manuel and Tiffany Esquibel were your typical happy, married couple with dreams of starting a family. So when they discovered they weren't able to have children, needless to say, they were devastated. After years of struggling to have children, their miracle baby, Sam was born and with an extraordinary story unlike any doctor had ever heard before. 

As soon as Sam was born, doctors detected a mass in his brain. He wasn't able to go home with his new family, but rather, straight the operating table to remove his tumor. But during the surgery, the surgeon came across something made for the medical books! Inside this newborn's brain was a fully formed foot! But that's not all...

Watch Sam's story, from struggles to triumphs, told by the famous Matt Lauer on the Today Show. It's nothing like you've ever heard before, but one you'll be thankful you heard.

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