They Held Them in Their Arms For Just a Few Short Hours. This Shows Just How Precious Life Is


Jason and Marie were happily in love and eager to start
their life together as man and wife. The beautiful couple got married in May of
2012 and couldn’t be happier. They couldn’t wait to start a family!

Just a month after they said ‘I do’ they found out they were
pregnant – with triplets! The happy couple was excited to embark on this new
journey in their lives.

Then the unexpected happen. At just 22 weeks their triplets,
Bernadette, Adam and Christine, decided they were ready to greet the world and
Marie went in to labor.

Jason and Marie got to hold their precious babies in their
arms for just a few sweet hours. They cherished these hours and were even able
to get Bernadette, Adam, and Christine baptized.

Although they were healthy, the triplets were born too early
to survive. They lived for about four hours before passing away.

This video is a touching and heart wrenching tribute to
these three beautiful babies. Grab the tissues; you’ll need them for this one.

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