They Knew Their Time With with Their Unborn Son Would be Short – But they Decided to Go Through with the Pregnancy.


This incredibly sad video captures the emotional roller coaster of the journey that couple T.K. and Deidrea went through during their first pregnancy.   

We witness the joy they endure after discovering news of their pregnancy to the heart wrenching fear they face when they learn that their unborn son is not developing correctly. 

From here, they are forced to confront the unbelievably hard decision of whether to end the pregnancy or go through with it, knowing that the time they would have with their son would be extremely limited. 

The couple decides to go through with the birth and the short time they spend with their son is absolutely beautiful. We watch the couple spend the few moments they can with their son and through this interaction, we learn to cherish every moment we have with the people we love, as each and every one of these moments is truly a blessing. 

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