They Said She Was the DEVIL’S CHILD, but You’ll Never Believe What She Grows Up to Be!!


Abandoned at a very young age, Michaela DePrince was taken into an orphanage in the war-torn area of Sierra Leone. 

In the orphanage, the caretakers ranked the children from 1 to 27, 27 being the least favorite. Michaela was labeled 27 due to her skin condition and was often called horrible names such as the "devil's child," and was repeatedly told she would never be adopted. 

But one day, everything changed. Michaela discovered a picture of a ballerina and this one image inspired her to stay strong and have faith that she would one day be adopted.

And sure enough, she was. 

At four years old, Michaela was adopted by an American family, who encouraged her love of dancing and signed her up for lessons. 

Now, Michaela DePrince is a world renowned ballerina. THIS is her story. Please SHARE

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