They Saw Something Sticking Out of the Snow But Didn’t Expect To Dig THIS Out!


Snowmachiners Rob Uphus, Mary Mobley, and Avery Vucinich
were riding around their snowmachines in an area called Hatcher Pass, about 55
miles northeast of Anchorage. Due to the fear of constant avalanches, they were
cruising around carefully.

They were riding along when they noticed something sticking
out of the snow. They saw that there had been a recent avalanche so they feared
that it was a skier who had gotten stuck. When they got closer to try and help
whatever was stuck under the snow they realized it wasn’t a skier, but it was a

After 10 minutes of frantic digging they finally freed the
gigantic moose. The moose appeared to be totally fine and injure-free,
according to the three men. It got up, shook off the snow and ran away – just
like that!

If it weren’t for their heroic rescue that poor moose
probably wouldn’t have made it! What did you think of this crazy story?

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