They Thought Her Suffering was Funny Until Someone Stepped in to Save Her


Left alone in the middle of the road, Pumpkin was engulfed with chemical burns all over her body, along with multiple wounds from a pellet gun. A man heartlessly took a photo of pumpkin and posted it on his instagram account, mocking the poor dog in the caption. 

Little did he know that this image would ignite attention on social media. A local rescue organization were alerted about Pumpkin and thankfully they were able to find her. 

When the rescue team came upon Pumpkin, they discovered that she was not alone. Her small baby was there as well, struggling to stay alive. Unfortunately, the doctors were not able to save both dogs - the tiny puppy was too weak to survive. 

But the story concludes with a happy ending - Pumpkin was adopted into a loving family and is happier than ever! Watch her heartbreaking story here and SHARE with your loved ones! 

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