This 10-Year-Old Helps Us Remember That No Matter What Hardships You Face, God is There for You…Always and Forever!


Kailtyn Maher may sound a bit familiar to you if you are one of the millions of people who have seen the video of her singing at her grandfather's funeral or any other one of her viral videos capturing her unbelievable talent.

Now 10-years-old, Kaitlyn's voice is becoming more powerful each and every day. Using this gift given from God as a way to touch the hearts of others, Kaitlyn shares her beautiful songs with millions.

The video starts off with an adorable conversation between Kaitlyn and her younger brother, giving an even deeper understanding of this young girl's huge heart. 

Watch her cover of Kari Jobe's "Find You On My Knees” and I guarantee you will be swept away! 

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