This 4-Year-Old Boy with Cancer Describing Heaven will Break Your Heart


At only 4 years-old, Silas tragically passed away from cancer. 

Before he was taken from the world at such a devastatingly young age, Silas described to his mother what he believed heaven would be like. 

He explains how excited he is to go to heaven as here he will be completely cancer free and will never be sick again! He also exclaims that he knows he will never be alone in heaven, as he enthusiastically remarks that God will be with him.

I was incredibly touched by this precious child's bravery when facing his illness. Instead of fearing the inevitable outcome of his sickness, he chose to remain optimistic about what lay ahead. 

I was heartbroken to learn that Silas has passed away, but hopefully he is now in a better place. Please SHARE this video with your loved ones. 

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