This 7-Year-Old is SO Brave – What he Tells Himself at the End is Hilarious!


This little 7-year-old isn’t afraid of a silly ride! It’s
not scary … right?

Ephraim and his mom, Chivonne, go on a sling shot ride
together and it’s hilarious! The whole time the mom is freaking out (clearly,
it’s a terrifying ride), while Ephraim is trying to play it cool.

As the ride is going full force he keeps telling himself,
“This is not scary. Not scary.” as he closes his eyes. After the ride is over
he acts like it didn’t even faze him!

He sure puts on a big front, but he’s adorable! And so brave
for going on such a scary ride – I don’t think I’d be able to go on a sling
shot ride like that!

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