This 92-Year Old Grandma Got her Dying Wish and It’ll Melt Your Heart


This touching video shows just how precious life and family
really are. Meet Dorothy Ellis, a 92-year-old grandmother living in Kansas who
was finally granted one last wish, just six weeks before she died.

Dorothy had one final request – to fly over her Kansas home
in a powered parachute. With a little help from her family and hospice nurse,
they arranged for a pilot to fly with her in the powered parachute over the
family’s Kansas ranch house.

In this emotional four-minute video, ‘Grandma Dorothy Flies
Over The Rainbow’, you’ll get to see Dorothy live out her one last dream. And
of course, the video is set to “Over the Rainbow” by Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole.

Grab the tissues for this one – you’ll need them! Please
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