This Artist Uses an Everyday Household Item to Pay Tribute to Robin Williams


We use this product every single day. It
comes in a variety of brands and flavors and is used for the same purpose – to
clean your teeth.

Up until today I thought toothpaste served only one main
purpose in this world. To make your mouth feel sparkling clean and give you
minty-fresh breath. Artist Cristiam Ramos shows us that you can do much MUCH
more with this everyday household item!

Ramos is known for his unique works of art that are created
using abstract materials. This award-winning artist has created masterpieces
using just candy, nail polish or toothpaste.

In this video he creates an amazing portrait of Robin
Williams using ONLY toothpaste! To create his toothpaste-works-of-art he uses
anywhere from 20-30 tubes of toothpaste and spends upwards of 200 hours on each

What do YOU think of this amazing tribute to Robin Williams?!
I can’t believe he only used toothpaste!

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