This Baby’s Laugh Will Make Your Day, Week, or Even Your Year!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – there’s
nothing sweeter or more heartwarming than the sound of a baby laughing! No
matter how many times I see this video, it ALWAYS make me smile!

The at-home dad in this video had just got a job rejection
letter and was feeling a little downtrodden. He went to tear up the letter and
what he thought was going to be a frustrating moment, turned into a beautiful

As soon as he makes the first rip in the paper his
eight-month-old son Micah starts laughing hysterically! As he continues to rip
up the paper the laughter continues and gets even cuter! As if that’s possible.

This may be an older video, but is sure to brighten up your
day. Micah has the most adorable and infectious baby laugh I’ve ever heard!
Watch this adorable video and I dare you not to smile!

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spread the laughter!

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