This Bedtime Bandit was Caught On Tape!


Their 8-year-old daughter was constantly complaining that her baby brother was coming in to her room at night and stealing her toys.

So as a solution, her parents told her to simply lock her door at night. Little did they know that their 2-year-old son would not be stopped by a locked door - he's the bedtime bandit!

As the toys continued to go missing, the parents decided to set up a hidden camera to see exactly what was going on in the middle of the night. 

What it reveals is absolutely hilarious! The play by play goes as follows: Boy creeps open door, heads to sister's locked door. Takes out tool of choice (open fingernail clippers...genius)! Hides the smart. Sneaks back into sister's room. Pillow Pet acquired, mission accomplished! 

Lol, this little thief had me AND his parents in stitches! Thankfully, the parents ended up getting him his own Pillow Pet to sleep with so he know longer needed to steal his sisters! 

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