This Boy Wins $25,000 For Inventing Something No Adult Ever Thought Of!


Never underestimate the capabilities of a child. They might just change the world.

Meet sixth-grader, Peyton Robertson, an intelligent young boy who's been solving math problems since the age of three. The 11-year-old boy and his family experienced a hurricane a few years back that flooded their home. That stressful and tragic experience ignited an idea in Peyton that would later lead him to win $25,000 at The Young Scientists contest with his cutting-edge invention. 

He invented a better way to keep rain out of homes than just using the standard sandbags most everyone does. He created a prototype of the sandbags, but rather than using heavy sand to keep water out, he filled bags with salt and chemicals. These bags are lighter to carry than sandbags and when water hits them, they expand. It's no wonder why colleges are already eyeing Peyton and engineers are calling him "the real deal." He's genius! 

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