This Daughter’s Reaction When Her Dad Shaves His Beard is PRICELESS!


Every child's favorite game when they are a baby is peekaboo! Somehow, every time daddy's face disappears under the always
miraculously reappears with that one magic word, "peekaboo!" It's amazing!! 

Well, this baby got a peekaboo surprise that may have ruined the game for her forever! At first, the baby and her dad are having a blast playing the silly game. Then, daddy gets up to go shave his beard...and quickly hides under the sheet to resume play. 

This time when the little girl goes to peek under the sheet - it's not daddy anymore! Well, at least not the daddy she knows! Lol, her reaction to her father's hairless face is absolutely priceless!

I don't blame her though, the change in his appearance is pretty shocking!! SHARE this hilarious video on Facebook!

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