This Dog Sure Has a Lot to Say But One Thing Is For Sure – She Does NOT Want to be at The Vet!


Dogs just know when they’re going to the vet. Before they
even get in the car they can just sense it!

Most of the time they put up quite a fight – and I don’t blame
them! No one ever wants to go to the doctor, not even dogs! The dog in this
video, Cricket, is in the waiting room at the vet and she certainly does NOT
want to be there.

Once it dawned on Cricket that she was at the vet she did
anything she could to get out of there! She was arguing with her mom the whole
time (in dog language of course). She was not going down without a fight!

This video is so cute and all too familiar. Any time I take
my dogs to the vet they do the same thing, it’s the last place they want to go!

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